Past and present clients of Nin have kindly supplied the following accounts. Some names have been changed to protect privacy.




When faced with secondary infertility, my partner and I decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). Nin was recommended to me by a work colleague as an acupuncturist with a special interest in infertility. It has been well documented that when used alongside IVF, acupuncture can greatly increase the chances of having a successful treatment.

The Stradbally clinic is a warm and inviting place. You immediately feel comfortable and at home. Meeting Nin was unlike any experience I have had with acupuncturists in the past. She aims to treat the individual as a whole, rather than just treating the ailment. She gives you her time and complete attention on each and every visit. Her advice is sound and non-judgmental.

Going down the IVF road is certainly not an easy one, but with Nin’s expertise, support and advice at each step of the way, my experience was definitely not the stressful traumatic experience it could so easily have been. We are lucky to have been successful on our first IVF attempt. This is a position I do not believe we would be in without the help we received from Nin.

I continued having regular acupuncture treatments throughout my entire pregnancy and this had a very positive effect on my own and the baby‘s well-being. In fact I even had a treatment when three days overdue, and within two hours my waters had broken and I was on my way to the hospital!

I would never consider another IVF treatment without doing acupuncture alongside it. Nin has given me the faith that acupuncture really works. And we have our baby son as proof of that. Thanks Nin.



Since then Denise once again returned to Nin for support during a second IVF cycle and again conceived, this time with a baby girl.

I decided to try acupuncture as I frequently suffered respiratory and kidney infections which often required antibiotics. In addition I took antihistamines and inhalers for allergies and asthma. I was planning on trying for a baby the following year and I wanted to have a medication-free pregnancy if possible.

Acupuncture with Nin definitely helped. I stopped taking antihistamines and my immune system was much improved. I became pregnant after just a couple of months and didn’t experience a single infection throughout. Although I still kept my asthma inhaler with me at all times, I found I hardly need to use it. I now have a healthy baby boy and I’m so glad that I did the acupuncture with Nin.


I was a 41-year-old mum of a little boy who was three. I was very anxious to have a little brother or sister for our son. My husband and I had been trying to conceive since the birth of our son without success. We were referred to a fertility clinic in Dublin. After many procedures and blood tests, the consultant informed me that the only chance I had to conceive was to have IVF treatment. He told me that because of my age, my chances of a pregnancy were around 10%.

I wanted to give myself the optimum chance of conceiving so, after doing some research, I learnt that acupuncture greatly enhances the chances of conceiving. I then had to find an acupuncturist who specialized in fertility as not all practitioners do. I found a very special one in Nin Thew.

I developed a therapeutic relationship with Nin based on respect, trust, empathy and understanding. I commenced acupuncture a few months before the start of my IVF cycle. It is important to prepare your body physically as well as emotionally before the invasion of drugs (to which I had no side effects because of the treatments).

IVF is a difficult and emotional journey but my journey was made much easier because of Nin’s support. She listened to what I had to say and most of all to what I wasn’t saying! Her warm friendly manner helped me through the process. Nin gave me treatments throughout the IVF cycle to aid conception.

I couldn’t believe when I got a positive pregnancy result! My journey continued with Nin. I attended Nin throughout my pregnancy. I had treatments to help prevent miscarriage, to aid the baby’s development and at six months I had a treatment for a calm, peaceful baby who rarely cries. Towards the end of the pregnancy, she gave me a treatment to have a quick, easy labour.

My baby had to be induced because I was overdue. My labour lasted under an hour (unbelievable). I was presented with the most beautiful baby girl. It’s hard to believe, she never cries when she is hungry. She lets me know by sucking her hand!

I am so grateful for all of Nin’s guidance and support. I would advise anyone who wants to increase their chance of conception or who is going to have fertility treatment to have acupuncture sessions. I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Nin Thew.


A friend of mine recommended Nin. I started going to Nin for my sinuses and PMT. I was suffering from sinus pain on a regular basis and it would often lead to migraine. I was at a stage where I was taking tablets on almost a daily basis, including codeine, paracetamol and pseudoephedrine, alternating between them trying to get rid of the pain unsuccessfully.

I was at the stage where I just wished it was possible to get a new nose. I was so fed up feeling miserable. I had been to the doctor several times and tried everything. I really found the acupuncture worked wonders. It provided great relief. I no longer had to be constantly taking pain killers. I looked forward to the sessions, as well as helping to get rid of my sinus problems, it was just so relaxing.

I also was experiencing bad PMT. I had tried a lot of the so-called recommended things, but I felt none of them were any good. I would try to get a session of acupuncture done before my period was due and this was great for helping with PMT.

I find Nin great. She is very professional and easy to talk to. She always seems to understand your symptoms and how best to treat them. I have recommended Nin to a lot of my friends and would recommend her to anyone.


Nin is not only an experienced acupuncturist, but equally as importantly, it’s what isn’t on her business card that counts. She is like a guidance counsellor, psychologist, best friend, ally and supporter all rolled into one and provides an ever-ready ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. I can honestly say that if you need some objective advice or just someone to talk to, you will look forward to the sessions with renewed hope and optimism.


 Two years ago, I found myself in a very unhappy state of health. Years of trauma from previous events had taken their toll [and I had] regular illness, including sinusitis so therefore a lot of treatments with antibiotics, and total fatigue edging towards the feeling of hopelessness.

It was as if my guardian angel brought me to my practitioner Nin, a true professional, very caring, supportive and understanding. Once I crossed the threshold of her clinic, my inner being knew I had found a healing place, thus my journey began. Nin was there every step of my treatment, fully explaining the treatment, which was a great source of encouragement and hope.

I now have reached a place of restored wellbeing. My use of antibiotics is very rare, I have far more energy and,  I can focus on and deal with situations as they occur, my stress levels are much lower and I am far more rational in my way of thinking. I would recommend Nin to anyone and am grateful for all she has done to help me.





Clinic Stories

R. had suffered three failed IVF cycles before attending Nin. There was a male factor (very low sperm count) and R. had PCOS. When she came to Nin, she said the clinic had given them one more cycle to try with her husband’s sperm and after that they would recommend donor sperm, so the pressure was on.

Nin referred R. to Zita West’s team for expert advice on diet and a second unbiased opinion on the clinic’s advice. When R. did her next cycle, she conceived twins, but lost one. Nin saw her weekly throughout her first semester to help her to carry to full term. She now has a beautiful baby girl.

K. has one child already and always had a timescale in mind for conceiving her second one. When this timescale passed, she began to worry and came to see Nin. Nin referred K. to get some tests done, more to ease K.’s mind and give her confidence than anything else. She changed K.’s diet and encouraged her to go to a four-day week in work.

K. became relaxed and happy and regained her confidence that she could conceive. In May 2013, she gave birth to another little boy, and is already back with Nin preparing for her third child which she hopes to have in two years’ time.

When Jo first attended the clinic, he was in a high state of anxiety and worry. He had been told he had pre-cancerous cells in the prostate a few weeks earlier and hadn’t been able to sleep since. After just a couple of sessions, he was relaxed and less scared by the news. A year later, Jo still attends for fortnightly sessions. He is relaxed and confident that he is holding steady, and his doctors are very pleased with his progress. Having seen his progress, Jo’s wife and sister are also clients of Nin’s now.
Ben suffered recurring bouts of vertigo and his medications to control it over the years had lost their efficacy. He began to attend Nin and the vertigo subsided. He was so pleased he referred lots of friends he knew who also suffered from vertigo. ‘I never knew one person could know so many people who all had the same complaint!’ joked Nin. Ben’s wife, daughter, neighbour and many friends also attended Nin.
Karen suffered from panic attacks and IBS or ‘commuter tummy’ as Nin calls it, as it is so common with young adults who commute to college or work. Karen was signed off work for the previous five months before attending Nin. Over time, all her symptoms cleared up and Karen requested work transfer to a location nearer her home, which she got. Karen still likes to attend every three weeks for her ‘top-ups’ to help her cope with stress but she has been symptom-free for four years now.
Fiona was thin, pale, quiet and lacking any energy when Nin first saw her. She was studying for her Leaving Cert, but her poor health meant that she had missed a lot of school and she was concerned it would prevent her from sitting her final exams later in the year. She suffered recurring strep throats and tonsillitis. Nin used acupuncture and herbs to treat her and she hasn’t had any flare-ups since.Her immune system is strong now and she feels certain she will do well in her final exams.
Marie has been a client of Nin’s for over 20 years now. In all this time, Marie has used acupuncture to stay well, control her migraines and cope with everyday stresses. Lately, Marie became a proud mum of a beautiful baby girl by adoption. Marie felt that without acupuncture she would not have had the courage, strength and endurance to take this path that has led to her destiny, her little girl.
Colette has attended Nin for over 15 years. She has a very stressful life and uses acupuncture to help her to cope. At one stage, when she was 41, she went on a journey to conceive a baby and Nin’s treatment changed to accommodate this journey and support her as much as possible. Perhaps as a result of her years of acupuncture, she fell pregnant easily with three natural conceptions but all, sadly, ended in miscarriage. Her doctors simply put it down for her age – she was now 43. Nin referred her to Zita West’s team for impartial advice and together they put a plan in place for her. She was guided towards specific tests carried out by some of the top specialists in the country, and in the end had egg donation. She conceived and is now the mum to a beautiful baby girl. Nin was thrilled to be invited to the hospital and was the first person to see her after she was born!
Maria has P.C.O.S. When she began attending Nin she was only ovulating 3 times a year. She conceived within 6 weeks and had a baby boy. Less than 2 years later she returned to Nin and conceived again, within 3 months. She is now in her third trimester.
Laura began treatment with Nin almost four years ago. She was not yet in a place in her life where she wanted to have a baby, but was conscious that she only menstruated about four times a year and wanted to protect her fertility. Her periods became much more regular, her menstrual pain ceased and this year, Laura began to try for a baby. Within a few months, she was pregnant and is now 19 weeks into her pregnancy.
D. lost a baby close to full term and suffered severe blood loss. Due to religious beliefs, she refused a transfusion and was lucky to survive. A year later, she began attending Nin because she wanted to try for another baby. She is now over a year into her treatment, her GP is amazed by her recovery and she is a mum to a gorgeous little boy.
Eamon is in his 30s and is a very keen football player. He had a hamstring injury when his wife (a client of Nin’s) recommended to him that he should visit the clinic. He has tried physio, massage and medicines, but none of them had worked well. Two sessions with Nin sorted the problem out and Eamon has decided to have a session now and then to ‘keep him out of trouble’.
After years of failed IVF and taking of western fertility drugs, Colette began treatment with Nin. She was depleted both mentally and physically, and Nin spent a long time getting her back to full health. When the time was right, she returned for another IVF cycle, supported by Nin, and conceived a beautiful baby girl, making her a proud mum at 43.
G. first attended Nin because her mum,-sister in-law and dad were all clients of Nin’s. She wanted a baby and has been trying for three years. Her GP had been dismissive and told her to relax, it would happen.
It became apparent very quickly that G. needed more help than Nin could give and Nin wrote her a letter of referral to a gynaecologist. G. was amazed to discover that she had the severest form of endometriosis possible and was scheduled to take medication for three months followed by massive surgery. Nin put together a treatment plan with G. to help her to get to this point and will take over her treatment after surgery which is later on this year. G. now feels that she is doing everything she can to help her conceive, and is relaxed and hopeful.
Jeremy presented to the clinic and shyly said that he had an overactive bladder. His GP had sent him to an urologist and he had an ultrasound, none of which showed anything wrong, so they dismissed him. Nin diagnosed ‘cold in the kidney’ and after one session of acupuncture and moxibustion, coupled with dietary change, his condition was much improved. Jeremy felt that Nin was the first person in years who actually understood what was wrong with him.
Marie had tried for over 10 years to conceive. She had tried everything even egg donation and had attended specialists who were noted for treating celebrities. After two years with Nin, while waiting for an appointment with a Harley St clinic, Marie fell pregnant naturally. Unfortunately, she lost the baby, but it gave her great hope and together, she and Nin are continuing on her journey to make her a mum.

Ciara already had a son, but after two years of trying to conceive again with no luck, she went for tests. She was devastated to find out that her Anti-Mullerian hormone (an indication of egg reserve) was below 1%. She tried IVF, but had no ovarian response.

She then began attending Nin because her sister-in-law and brother-in-law (and his boss) were regular clients of hers. She adopted a different dietary regime that Nin recommended and after only two months, conceived her second son, who is almost one now. The IVF clinic had told her there was a 0% chance of conception without egg donation!

Peter lives in a village where half of the residents are clients of Nin’s by now, so it wasn’t surprising when he rolled up to the clinic door. He could barely walk and was suffering sleep deprivation because, although he was on a cocktail of painkillers, he couldn’t sleep with the pain in his back.

He was told he needed surgery but because he had no insurance it would cost him €15,000, which he hadn’t got. After the first treatment, Peter went home and slept like a baby, within a few months, he had returned to work and no longer suffered from any pain.

I had completed several rounds of unsuccessful IVF and was at a loss of what to do next when I started treatment with Nin. I also had other health issues to be managed alongside the IVF. From the very start, Nin treated all my symptoms and health issues as a whole.

Through my treatments with Nin, I have finally gained a proper understanding of my body, how it works and the support it requires.She has worked both with me and my doctors to find treatments suitable for me as an individual and at all times has complemented and supported any other treatment I was undergoing.

Fertility treatment is a minefield and Nin was able to direct us to different professionals in the industry to help us review our case and help us decide the most relevant next step for us.It has taken us time, but we needed to take that time and complete treatments to find our answer. Today, we are pregnant with twins.

Nin has treated me for my physical health, but also more importantly for the emotional struggles and ill health that fertility treatment can cause. I don’t think I would have managed to get to the point I’m at today without her knowledge and understanding of both the physical and emotional struggles that I have gone through.

I can’t express how it has changed my life to find this support and understanding and I have encouraged several family members and friends to seek her help and support.

I have suffered from migraines for over 30 years. I have tried many different tablets and attended many clinics, but nothing worked for me. Then one day I read an article on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) written by Nin Thew who herself suffered from severe pain until she discovered TCM. Acupuncture worked so well for Nin that she decided to change her career and study TCM after which she then went on to open her own practice.

I found her article so personal and positive that I decided it was the last option for me and I went to see if she could help me. I am not cured, but I am 99% better than I was eight years ago when I first went to see Nin.

I believe migraine is a problem for life that you try to manage and live with, but with Nin’s help, I manage it and I now live a much improved life. Nin treats the root of the problem, not just the surface and she is interested in the whole person.  TCM has worked for me and I hope others can benefit from her help in the way I have.

I have known Nin for a long time, attending her for treatment on a fortnightly basis. Her attention and dedication to her clients’ health, both emotional and physical, is what makes her a wonderful advocate for Chinese medicine. I would highly recommend Nin to anyone who is thinking of trying acupuncture as a means to improving their health.

Where do I start with this? I’ve so much to say about Nin and her practice.

I had been doing acupuncture with a different lady for a while for fertility treatment and found I was getting nowhere. I was getting annoyed that it wasn’t working for me and I knew these feelings were not helping.

I Googled acupuncture in the area and saw Nin’s practice so I rang. From the first phone call, I swear I felt better.  I did cry on the phone and cried some really overdue tears when I finished the call. Even before I booked the appointment, her kind words and advice helped.

The homely feeling in her clinic is amazing and the relaxing time felt great. I did get pregnant with an amazing little girl and I kept the treatment up during pregnancy, I suffered with high blood pressure and was a terrible worrier, but Nin’s treatment was amazing. I looked forward to the needles every week – LOL – it was the only place I got to relax.  Plus the baby loved the treatment. Her movement was great when I was resting with needles in.  Plus my baby’s skin now is so clear and healthy and her eyes are so bright, Nin was able to do treatments for this while I was pregnant.

On a personal note about Nin, I and my husband hadn’t told family or friends about trying for a baby so Nin was a godsend and a friend I really needed.  She was always busy but always ready to listen. I think this was a vital part of my treatment.

And her sister!Martina, who is the clinics receptionist , What can I say… she’s a true lady, who is always there with updated mags and making you laugh at the end of a stressful week. She has my vote!

Nin’s treatment is amazing. I had the honour of meeting her Mam in the clinic and this was a firsthand look at how great the treatment can be. Her mam looked amazing, more like a lady in her 60′s than her 80′s. Nin has treated her for over 20 years and she is certainly proof that acupuncture works well to stop the ageing process.

All the best in the world, Nin. Thank you for helping to achieve my dream

Nin was recommended by a friend. I was 35 weeks’ pregnant and in a panic because my baby was breech. Nin promptly booked me in for moxibustion which worked to my baby, and I continued to see her for acupuncture in the weeks before the birth. Induced with my first baby, I really wanted a natural labour this time. At 41 weeks, and with another induction looming, Nin did a treatment to encourage my body and baby to go into labour.

The day before the scheduled induction, labour began naturally and my baby arrived into the world with minimum fuss and no pain relief. Since then, Nin has provided me with Chinese herbs, which helped me fight off mastitis twice! Mostly she’s been a reliable and wonderful support, and always quick to respond (despite a jam-packed appointments book), something every mother needs pre- and post-pregnancy.

I can’t remember exactly how long ago I started attending Nin Thew’s Acupuncture Clinic in Stradbally.  I reckon it must be at least 17 years. I originally went after returning from Turkey with a virus that I couldn’t shift. After numerous antibiotics and a hospital visit, I was about to give up, but a friend recommended Nin and I immediately made an appointment. Needless to say, Nin cured me after a couple of visits. I have made numerous visits to Nin since this first bout of sickness and it always works for me.

I’m not a huge fan of the needles, but would never hesitate to attend Nin as I am always sure of a cure, a vastly improved immune system and a lot more energy. I would strongly advise anyone to try acupuncture with Nin as she has a wonderful bedside manner and can heal anything which may be troubling you.

I still attend Nin in Stradbally for occasional top-ups and would highly recommend her.

This is just a short note to say how pleased I am with my treatment with Nin, I have had pain in my shoulder and her treatment has made a huge improvement to it.

I have been a regular client of Nin Thew for more years than either of us care to remember. My earliest treatments were for the most debilitating migraine headaches. I suffered from migraine at least once a week and lost several days each week as a result because I could not function. I worked full-time and had serious family commitments.

I have not suffered from migraine in years now. Over the years, I have had treatment for various ailments, but today I attribute my good health to Nin in no small way. I still have regular treatments and will continue to do so for as long as Nin runs a clinic. No distance is too far to travel. I have no hesitation in recommending the Nin Thew TCM clinic to anyone in need of treatment

When I began weekly treatments with Nin almost three years ago, I was physically and emotionally very poorly. Nin’s treatments helped heal the body, and her care, gentle listening and advice mended the mind. Today I consider her a friend and a large help in me having my beautiful baby girl. Recommended without reservation.

I attended Nin for about two years and credit her with helping me to conceive naturally after numerous failed IVF treatments. Nin is the most supportive and positive therapist I have ever attended. She has a genuine concern for her clients and their conditions and went above and beyond for me. #

Nin has a lovely warm personality and makes you feel at ease immediately. She is caring and kind and a great listener. Nin’s acupuncture is the only treatment where I always feel the chi.

I would fully endorse her treatment and recommend her work to anyone.

I went to see Nin having experienced two miscarriages in seven months, as I desperately wanted another child. I found the chats as beneficial as the treatment and really felt able to open up to Nin and share my worries and concerns. Her kindness was amazing and made me feel very at ease.

I found the treatment itself really relaxing and loved the ‘zen’ feeling I always had walking out. It’s something I’ll definitely keep up for life! On the fertility side – Nin’s magic touch and sound advice gave us the results we’d hoped for – I was pregnant within four months and I am now past the half-way mark and feeling on top of the world.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nin to anyone, whatever their issue, but most certainly when it comes to problems of the baby kind. Overall, a fantastic experience.

When I first went to Nin, I was at my wits’ end and completely worn out.

For the previous two years, I had no smell or taste and an infection in my sinuses that could not be cured with antibiotics or steroids. I even had intravenous antibiotics for a week, together with steroids which still did not cure the infection.

Compounding this, I also had polyps and had two horrendous operations to remove them without success. The surgeon said at the time that the polyps started to grow back again in the recovery room.

I tried all sorts of alternative medicine without any success before going to Nin. Acupuncture was going to be the last thing I would try. I didn’t hold out much hope but went along anyway.

To my surprise and delight after three weeks of acupuncture, the infection was cleared up and after five weeks, I got my smell and taste back. Since then, many of my family members have been to Nin for various complaints and all with very positive results. I cannot thank Nin enough for her help and I highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to everyone.[/accordion

Receiving acupuncture from Nin before my first pregnancy and throughout both my pregnancies was a wonderful and worthwhile experience. Apart from the clear benefits of the acupuncture, Nin herself was much more than the practitioner. Her care, warmth and calmness were all very welcome and appreciated at a very vulnerable time.  She’s a joy to be with and a fountain of knowledge.

About four years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It came as a complete shock to the system as I had no symptoms. For the first few weeks, I felt totally confused and got totally stressed out. A family member suggested that I make an appointment to see Nin. I will admit I was very sceptical, but agreed to go. This turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

During our initial consultation, Nin explained to me in such a calm and reassuring way that what was happening to me could be treated without surgery. I had my first session of acupuncture and afterwards on the way home I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Now four years on, after a few minor lifestyle changes suggested by Nin and my treatments, I am happy to say that my blood results are the lowest they have been in four years and my last two prostate biopsies have come back clear showing no cancer.

I still continue and look forward to my treatments because that’s the way I want my results to stay. I cannot thank Nin enough for helping me to get to this stage and I continue to recommend her to my family and friends.

Back around 2006, I worked in a highly stressful and fast-paced environment. That, coupled with a very addictive and emotional relationship had me in tatters, it got so bad that I could barely eat. I had constant stomach cramps, headaches, many sleepless nights and constant fatigue. A family member suggested that I should try acupuncture and I have been attending Nin Thew’s clinic ever since.

From the very first visit, Nin made me feel very welcome and kept a diary of events. Several years on, she can recall all my history of visits and previous health issues. Nin’s expertise in Chinese Medicine, her down-to-earth approach to problems and her friendly manner makes each and every visit an absolute pleasure, and helps to keep my mind and body in top fitness.[/accordion

I went to Nin in late 2010. I was suffering from a red, angry rash, which had appeared on my face and then spread to my head and scalp as well as my chest. I had already gone through two courses of antibiotics or steroids and steroid creams. Each time I finished the medication, the symptoms returned. At this stage I was desperate. I was very self-conscious, I was exhausted and was feeling very low.

From the first time I met with Nin, I felt I was in good hands and that she was genuinely listening to me. Over the course of my treatment, she established the cause of my rash. I had a hysterectomy three months previously and was finding it hard to get over it, which in turn was affecting my health. Nin treated me with acupuncture, recommended supplements and offered dietary advice. I never thought having needles stuck into me could be so relaxing.

Nin is warm, compassionate and gives excellent advice. She genuinely cares for you.

Nin was recommended to me by a friend. I truly believe that if I hadn’t met Nin, I wouldn’t have my son in my arms today.

Nin is amazing, efficient, kind, gentle and real. You are not a client. You are a friend. Nin really listens and takes on board what you need. No messing, no wasting time or money. Nin is quite simply invaluable.

I will be heading back to see Nin as soon as we decide to try for miracle number two.

Nin is professional, enthusiastic and absolutely inspiring.

I am attending Nin’s clinic in Stradbally for over five years now for fertility issues. Throughout that period of time, Nin has helped me through several IVF cycles and some very difficult miscarriages. Infertility is a most difficult journey, but having an acupuncturist as good as Nin has made this journey a whole lot easier for me- body, soul and mind.

After each session of acupuncture I feel totally relaxed and unwound, and I have more energy than I know what to do with.

The first line of this testimonial really sums it all up for me, and I would like to thank Nin for all her efforts and continued efforts to get me to my destiny. If you have not realised it yet, acupuncture with Nin Thew is the way to go.

PS Nin, you are the best acupuncturist in the whole world (China included)!